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Cavern Master Plan

The Cavern Master Plan (CMP) is a planning tool providing a broad strategic planning framework to guide and facilitate territory-wide cavern development in Hong Kong. The CMP, serving as user guidelines, is neither a statutory plan nor a development blueprint.

The CMP delineates Strategic Cavern Areas (SCVAs) that are suitable for cavern development. It aims to make known these SCVAs and their essential information to project proponents such that they can identify suitable cavern sites for their projects. The CMP and its associated documents can be downloaded from CEDD website.

The CMP has gained international recognition, and was awarded by the International Tunnelling and Underground Space Association (ITA) as the winner of the Innovative Underground Space Concept of the Year in the ITA Tunnelling Awards 2017 on 15 November 2017 (see details at ITA website). The CMP and the ITA Award is also the subject in the Government Press Release on 17 November 2017 and the SDEV’s Blog on 10 December 2017. The CMP was also awarded of a Certificate of Merit by the Hong Kong Institute of Planners in 2016 given its merit in unlocking the hidden land resources in Hong Kong.

What are Rock caverns? Rock caverns refer to large man-made spaces in rock,
            which offer many beneficial applications in terms of land uses

Click the above plan to download the digital format of the Cavern Master Plan

What are the possibilities with a Strategic Cavern Area?


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