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New Edition of Geoguide 4

The Geotechnical Engineering Office of the Civil Engineering and Development Department published the “Geoguide 4 – Guide to Cavern Engineering (2nd Edition)” in January 2018.


This Geoguide 4, which has incorporated advances made since the origin publication in 1992, presents a recommended standard of good practice for rock cavern developments. It serves as a useful reference for practitioners involved in the planning and administration of cavern projects. Whilst the contents of it are derived from both international and Hong Kong practice on the design and construction of rock caverns, much of the materials presented therein is also applicable to tunnelling.


The Geoguide 4 is available for free download at our departmental website: https://www.cedd.gov.hk/eng/publications/

The launch of the Cavern Master Plan of Hong Kong and this Geoguide 4 are the two key milestones to guide the strategic use of caverns from planning and technical perspectives with a view to enhancing the sustainable development of Hong Kong.

What are Rock caverns? Rock caverns refer to large man-made spaces in rock,
            which offer many beneficial applications in terms of land uses

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