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Hagerbach Test Gallery, Switzerland

  • Established since 1970

  • A multi-purpose private facility in caverns with about 6 km network of underground space, contains material testing laboratory, concrete batching plant, firearm testing centre, full-scale mock-up testing ground (e.g. blasting, rock support, lining, etc.), fire fighting training facility, conference/lecture room, exhibition room and restaurant

  • Successfully illustrated the versatility of rock caverns

  • Tailor-made caverns can be formed to suit specific uses upon clients’ requests – clearly demonstrated flexibility of layout and expansion in underground environment

  • Caverns constructed underneath a geopark and integrated well with the surrounding environment

  • For details, please visit http://hagerbach.ch/home_en.php

What are Rock caverns? Rock caverns refer to large man-made spaces in rock,
            which offer many beneficial applications in terms of land uses
Hagerbach Test Gallery, Switzerland

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